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Office numbers: 928-475-5023 / 5024

Reservation residents use transit for shopping, commuting for employment, medical purposes, and to meet other family and personal needs. Elderly, disabled, low-income and TANF recipients use Nnee Bich’o Nii to attend social activities, appointments, educational opportunities and workforce development opportunities. For those families with children, we are available to transport them to childcare facillity with a responsible adult.

 13: Vans

  3: Vans with ADA wheelchair lift

  3: Trucks  4x4 crew cabs

  2: Cars

  2: 20 Passenger buses with lift

  1: 24 Passenger bus with lift

  1: 32 Passenger bus with lift




The local route covers another area of San Carlos Reservation. It is approximately 29 miles from the Peridot transit yard. This route serves employed individuals, college students, individuals and families meeting with human resource services, employment services at One-Stop Centers, hospitals, doctor’s offices, business and shopping opportunities.

Apache Gold Casino/Resort has entered into an agreement to provide transit services to their employees. This service operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This has assisted the casino through a decrease in employee turnover and allowing tribal members to remain employed. With limited employment in San Carlos, this service provides ecomomic opportunities for these individuals and families.




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One way trip to Globe is 22 miles west of the fleet office and one way trip to Safford to the east is 68.96 miles. These routes provide services for college students, people who work at the mines, hospital visits or patients, shoppers that need to go to Walmart or other businesses.  

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